Jan 1, 2021 • 32M

Book Musik 037 - "Maybe the People Would Be the Times" by Luc Sante

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Book Musik Podcast
longtime friends Tosh & Kimley discuss their favorite music-centric books
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Tosh and Kimley discuss "Maybe the People Would Be the Times" by Luc Sante. This collection of Sante’s essays, mostly from the last 15-20 years, covers a wide spectrum of his obsessive interests which include a heavy dose of music, photography, writers, filmmakers, New York City life and an assortment of oddities. While it’s a seemingly divergent field of topics, there is an aesthetic thread that connects them all. His writing pulses with life and pulls the reader into his world — dreamy, romantic, personal and always compelling. Theme music: "Behind Our Efforts, Let There Be Found Our Efforts" by LG17