Oct 15, 2020 • 36M

Book Musik 032 - "Sweet Dreams: The Story of the New Romantics" by Dylan Jones

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longtime friends Tosh & Kimley discuss their favorite music-centric books
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Tosh and Kimley discuss "Sweet Dreams: From Club Culture to Style Culture, the Story of the New Romantics" by Dylan Jones. The 80s are back! Whether or not this makes you cringe, it was nevertheless an interesting era of Thatcherism, gender fluidity, rampant consumerism, and a hugely creative group of young people looking to conquer the world. This book goes well beyond the superficial veneer of the big hair, the big shoulder pads, and the hyper-stylized MTV videos. Jones gives us a seriously in-depth look at the nucleus of the scene in England as well as contextualizing it in the broader social and political sphere, not just in England but throughout the world. No haircut is left unexamined! Theme music: "Behind Our Efforts, Let There Be Found Our Efforts" by LG17